Sunday, August 31, 2008

Yes, I know, it's been a while. School started, along with marching practice, so I was quite busy. Also the self-doubt that every writer encounters, when you look back over stuff you wrote and think that it is absolutly horrible, doesn't help much in encouraging me to write.
It is also hard to find good prompts! Some prompts are the classical 'prompts' like 'Write about a time you were sad.'
I hate those prompts. They aren't writing prompts. They are essay prompts.
I don't write about my past. I don't write about my future.
I write about worlds that no one knows, stories that will never be told. I write about what might have been, and what may be.
I don't care if people know a time I was sad. I care if they know my characters, and the tribulations that they face. I care about what they take from my stories.
A time when I was sad is not fun. It is boring. A time when a girl is thrown into another world is interesting.
Who wants to write about what they see, what they do? Who wants to read about lives just like your own?
Isn't it more interesting when you read of a person in a totally different place; a totally different life?
They say we dream to envision different alternatives to imagine what 'might have been'.
I write so I can see, touch, and feel what 'might have been', not just think of it. In my story, it isn't 'what might have been.' It is what's happening.

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