Thursday, August 7, 2008


Oh wow, a post that's not a prompt! =)
Anyhow, I just got back from a three hour guard (aka flag line) practice. It was long, hard, and at the end we learned a 'fun' new move. It involves a pop toss, which you bounce on your leg instead of catching it.
Bump it on the 'right' part of your leg, your thigh, and it turns red. Bump it accidentally a touch too low and suddenly you're jumping up and down, one hand pressed against your mouth.
It hit my kneecap.
Not only that, it hit my kneecap, twice. -wince- There's already a bruise forming...
Anyhow. Our instructor, in the beginning of the three hour practice, was getting tired/grumpy, so that was...nice.
Threats on running were common. Nice and subtle too-out of character for him.
He's a nice, but strict, guy who only wants the best. That doesn't stop him from cracking jokes during practice, though.

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