Thursday, August 7, 2008

Prompt: Thunder from the trees (06/10/08)

This one is not the best, I had problems with the plot, if it can be called that. As a reminder, the way to do these prompts is to find one, and immediately set the clock and pound out as many words as you can. Thus, sometimes they are horrible, and sometimes they don't really go anywhere...

(June 10 ’08)

Prompt: Thunder from the trees

Time: 15 min.

Words: 370

Great rolls of thunder shook my forest. Looking over my shoulder, I saw the dark wall of clouds approach faster than I had expected. Closing my eyes briefly, I hung my head. How did I ever get into this mess anyway? It was just to be a simple walk in the forest. Only I had to wander off the path, like every cliché story about people getting lost. Since it was my own fault, I had no one else to be angry with.

Pushing aside my thoughts, I concentrated on what needed to be done. Didn’t they always say that when you’re lost you should stop moving?

Check, I mentally made the list, stopping right in my tracks. This went against every instinct that screamed to run from the oncoming storm. No matter what logic told me-that I could never outrun the storm-I still fought the impulse to run, to dash away to some safe place. Problem is, there was no ‘safe’ place.

I suppose I need to find a place to ride the storm out, I thought, quickly scanning the surrounding area.

There! Right there, nestled among old pine trees were the tall-tell signs of the mouth of a small cave. Granted, it looked rather small from here, but right now I had not many other options. Breaking into a jog, I headed towards the opening. Coming closer, I realized that while it was by no means spacious, it was big enough to suit my needs just fine.

I hesitated slightly before going in, not sure what to expect in the cave. Praying that there wouldn’t be many bugs-which was a long shot-I brushed aside the pine branches, bent over, and entered the cave. The temperature didn’t drop dramatically, like I had expected, but the change from the dark, but still lit outside into the dark cave big. A strong wind pushed me forward, and I rushed farther into the cave, where the outside wind dropped suddenly. Dripping sounds were heard from my right, and by the little light that came through the mouth of the cave, I saw a little pond, the size undeterminable because it simply faded into darkness, not too far from where I was standing.

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