Thursday, August 7, 2008

Prompt: Lucky (10/13/07)

Note: this is my first ever NaNo prompt, which I wrote a while back. It is very bad. -_-

(Oct. 13 ’07)

Time: 10 min.

Prompt: Lucky

Words: 303


They keep telling me I’m lucky. Lucky for being abducted. Abducted by aliens. Lucky. Sometimes, I wonder what lucky is, what it really is. The onboard computer is only too happy to tell me that lucky is, in exact words, “producing or resulting in good by chance”. How?! How can I be ‘lucky’, lucky to be torn away from my family, taken away from everything I know and love?

Is that lucky? In my mind, it’s bad luck. They concentrate on all the things I’ll see, and learn. They say that I was chosen picked out from everyone else because of my ‘potential’. They say I have the potential to be a great engineer.

I, of course, refused to help them. At this, they were surprised. They don’t look like aliens to tell the truth. They look like humans, some of them, though, do in fact look a little like your typical alien-like the ones you see on Star Trek.

Oh, how I miss simple things like Star Trek! Watching it, with my family, listening to the tales of a far off time, never imagining I would become part of that time. The aliens are…advanced to say the least-their machines remind me so much of the sci-fi machines, born out of imagination on Star Trek.

Their engine can take you faster than we could ever think. They, of course, have artificial gravity, and, I must admit, this keeps sticking-it looks like Enterprise! Every room, the bridge, where I first was, the engineering place, it all reminds me so strongly of Star Trek: TNG. Then, the cold truth comes, and I realize that this is not a set-this is my life. For now, at least.

This ship will be my new home, at least till I can figure out what exact is going on.

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