Thursday, September 18, 2008

The beginning of the story..

Okay, so I was driving home one night, when a song by Toby Keith (yes, I like country, get over it) came on the radio. I'm not sure what exactly the title is, but one of the lines "I'm an Indian outlaw.." really caught my attention.
From that one line came a story idea. xD
So, I thought I would post the beginning of the story.

Their eyes say it all.
They need not even open their mouths, I know what they are to say anyway.
Murderer, they'll cry, hate and fear covering any possible love they might have felt for me.
They'll drive me out, banish me forever, never again to see those I love.
And how can I blame the? I try desperately to find within me the anger I should feel for their actions, but find nothing but emptiness.
Perhaps this is my real punishment; perhaps the gods decided my fate would be an eternity of a void, of nothing. Not emotions, no purpose, detained to wander the desert for eternity, alone.
I wondered if my fate was to die in the wilderness. Why would the gods choose such a fate for one like me?
The question would have no answer, no voice from the gods. I feared most that my death might never come.
For what would be a more fitting punishment than to wander the desert, lost, for the rest of eternity, with his face always beneath my eyelids?
They will cry, they will scream, but none will now my true punishment. For how can they possibly understand my fate, my eternal pain that will be with me for as long as I am cursed to walk this Earth?

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