Tuesday, December 16, 2008

No school!

So, yesterday, starting about 2:30 pm it started to sleet. This continued the whole day, and into the night. Thus, no school today!
Also, I just found out, there will be no school tomorrow! =D
Of course this really screws up the semester test schedule and means that we will have to attend school on Friday to take some of the tests, a day I had previous had off, but who cares.
All of this should mean that I am on schedule, nay, I should be ahead of schedule....
Should be, being the key word here.
No, I haven't done anything. I still don't really have a plot, though bits and pieces are coming to me as I do other things. I really should sit down and plot out what happens...
Well, here is what I know so far:

-Two twins, whose names are Kyla and Maeve. They are identical twins, with long black hair, pale skin, and vivid green eyes. They are Irish, and are the rare 'black' Irish. Their mother has the traditional Irish beauty, long red hair, but their father has the black hair-they got their looks from him.
--Maeve can be bitter to her sister because her sister is the one that (Maeve thinks) gets all the attention at their high school. Maeve is arguably the smartest of the two, though both are very intelligent. Boys are just falling over her, and everyone seems to want to talk to her, rather than Maeve. Because she wanted to stand out from her sister and be different, she recently streaked her hair bright red/orange. By the time of the story, she has returned to her natural black color, though I'm not sure why. I do know that sometime (before or during the story) they reconcile their grievances against each other (Maeve sees it through her sisters eyes, and realizes that she has friends who like her for who she is, and people who want to talk to her, not her sister) This may be why she has her natural black back, but I thought this scene would take place in the middle of the story, when the twins are in a trying and stressful situation and things boil over.
---Kyla is completely clueless with relationships, so she doesn't understand when Maeve is jealous. I think she has been on at least one date without ever realizing that she had even been asked out.
Anyway, Kyla is somewhat jealous of the independent spirit she feels her sister has. She is worried that she is, truly, simply a follower, lacking the authority and independence that her sister has. Kyla has never really been alone, and takes for granted her sister and friends. A while back, she streaked her hair purple. Why she did this, I'm not sure. I think she did this because she felt that she paled before her sisters' fiery personality, and when Maeve dyed her hair red, Kyla thought it was natural to follow.

Hmmm...I think that's it for now. That's pretty good, it's nice to get things written down.

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