Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's over!

NaNo has finished. It's over for this year, and that sentence alone is saddening. My creative output has gone from HERE *jumps up and down* to well, nothing. Once NaNo was over, I rushed back to life, and my time was filled with piano practice for the upcoming recital to homework on top of homework.
And now, finals are coming up! I have all Pre-AP and one AP class, so finals
Yeah. Fun.
Anyway! I really miss writing. During NaNo, I had all these characters that wanted a story. As soon as I stopped writing, all of their different voices died out, and I actually forgot about them. Now I'm trying my best to wake them up and I've succeeded with one story. It's somewhat of a re-write of a story that I wrote when I was really young. The story I wrote was atrocious but the plot line was savable.
Meet Kyla and Maeve. The twins that are the stars for my next story. I have yet to plot out the entire plot yet, but I'm hoping to work more on it. Once Christmas break comes, I'll have a lot more time for writing. Until then, I've proposed for myself a little challenge, which marks the level of my sanity.
Here it goes....

Monday: Plot and 500 words
Tuesday: Finish essential plotting and 500-1000 words
Wednesday: 1000 words
Thursday: 1000 words
Friday: 1000 words

Which means that by Saturday I should have a somewhat working plot line and the beginnings of another story!
Why not, I say, why not?

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