Wednesday, December 17, 2008

No school today either....

Which is good, I suppose. Tomorrow I have my two hardest (along with one easy) semester tests, so I have more time to study.
I find that I am quiet good at, well, not doing anything constructive. So far I've, read my book, watched X-Files, knitted, played piano, and organized some loose sheet music.
None of these involved my book, or my tests. Ops.
Oh well, I guess I can get started on those now...
*cough* Actually right now I'm about to play Zelda on my Wii. Talk about being constructive. While I'm playing, I'm going to be reading all the chapter essay's I've written for history, in hopes of reviewing for the AP class. Since it's AP, the test will be...well horrible. It will cover sixteen chapters, with a twenty question cushion! This is the awesome part of the class. I can miss twenty questions and get a 100.
Not that that's gonna happen, but still.
I planned on plotting some in the post but that hasn't happened yet, and now I'm off to play Zelda. :)

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