Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pictures pictures everywhere...

and not a one of them is good.

Well that failed. I was trying to allude to the lines from some poem. "Water water everywhere and not a drop of it to drink." ...or something like that. I never was a poet.

Anyway! Right now I am searching for photos of my beloved MMC and FMC. My favorite writing software extraordinaire, PageFour ((just the trial version, but it has all the perks and no expiration! Check it out)) does not like pictures, however. I must trick it into thinking that they are just text. The result? It's locked up right now. -_-

That's the reason I'm writing, I guess. Waiting on it to either work or self-implode. Which ever comes first. I just realized today that I could start writing! I've been trying to iron everything. I'm still a little unsure about the ending. The beginning, however, I can do. The first couple of chapters are to be from FMC's POV in the Greek Myth. The Greek Myth I have chosen is the one of Cupid and Psyche. ((I'm thinking of naming my FMC some name that sounds for 'soul', as that's what Psyche stands for. Just for a bit of fun;))

The story starts off with Psyche being this very beautiful princess. Very beautiful. Men ignore Venus (aka Aphrodite) in favor of her. Which, of course, makes Venus rather mad. Anyway! In the beginning she is being admired. Not loved. Just admired. You see, there's a hitch. Yes, men think she is the most beautiful creature alive, but they don't love her. They are more than content to see her, and then run off and marry someone else.

At the beginning, I think, is going to be some admirer reciting a Shakespearean love poem to her. See, it's a hint. If any smart Shakespeare person is reading this they'll go 'wait! this Greek myth took place waaaaay before Shakespeare!' Which is true. You see, there's more to this story than just a Greek myth.


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