Monday, June 28, 2010

Just kidding? and I'm baaaaaaacccck!

In an effort to push myself to write more I have revisited my old writing blog. Ah, memories ;) Anyway! I tried to move to that website, but I didn't like it, even though it did offer some perks.

So. It seems that I am back here for now. I haven't written in a while! Wow. One whole NaNo has passed. O_O ((Which, right there, shows you how much a geek I am)) On a random side note, I hate it when people call themselves geeks as if it's the coolest thing to say, when they are obviously not a geek. Please. -_-

Anyway! I've been expanding a plot idea had recently. I'm not quite sure what I'm gonna do with it. I don't want to wait till NaNo to do it...but I don't want to do it for JulNo. Perhaps I'll do my own modified JulNo-- with a smaller word count. Perhaps...

Anyway, it took me a while but I finally have a one sentence summary for my story. Have you noticed just how much a one sentence helps?? It gives direction to your novel, and clears away all the rubbish that surround the golden plot line. It forces you to really think "what is my novel about?" So, without further ado here is the summary:

--After witnessing the death of her entire family, one woman escapes into her mind-- and into the false reality of a Greek myth-- losing all touch with reality and the one doctor who is trying to bring her back.

That's the best I have so far. Even so, it doesn't paint a full picture. Eh. It's okay :) I'm really excited about the story, partly due to my love of Greek myths.

So! For right now c'est tout. Hopefully I'll go and flesh out my beloved plot idea a little bit more.

Au revoir :)

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