Monday, November 1, 2010

NaNo Has Begun!

And I love my plot. ;) Yeah, I was just having some weird pre-NaNo doubts about my plot. It's just that I know, logically, that this isn't my last NaNo but it is my last NaNo before college and I'm just worried that when I'm in college I'll be too busy to do NaNo so in a way this could be my last NaNo.....

Anyway! I love it. Really I do. :) So far I'm still with Psyche, it'll be a couple days before I'm with MMC ((He really needs a name...)) and it'll be the end of November before I'm with FMC. ((She really needs a name come to think of it...))

So, right now I'm on track with my word count, which is always easy to do at the beginning. I gotta cut this post short because I need to go practice piano and then my clarinet. Fun stuff, fun stuff...

1,677 words down. 48,323 words to go.

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