Monday, July 5, 2010

Second week slump. During the first week.

So. Writing. Yeah. What I should be doing. Remember that shiny new plot idea I had? It was nice, and very shiny. Now, though, that I'm like six thousand words in, the shininess has worn off under the scrubbing I've been doing in an attempt to write.

I still like theory. It's just hard to make myself write when there are just so many other things that I could be doing-- summer provides a plethora of distractions. And just about anything seems more fun than writing. ;)

Besides, it seems as though FMC's plot line is not near long enough! I'm at six thousand and her father is about to go to the oracle. It seems like it won't be long enough...but I know when I start writing it'll end up be a lot longer than I think it will be.

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