Monday, November 3, 2008

NaNo time!

It's official NaNo.
And I love it. Granted, the first day-while I got my word count-I wasn't completely having fun. I think the first day can be the hardest because you just have to jump it, and forgo all reason and just /start/. Sometimes starting can be the hardest thing to do.
Anyway! Everything is changing! My characters are surprising me already, and so far that's a good thing. For example, in the beginning I had the opening scene, and the first time Jade was to see Michael was when he saved her from Seth.
Well, that doesn't make near as much sense as already introducing Michael before he saves her from Seth! (Note, this probably won't make sense to you since you don't know the story:))
Just little things like that. =)
I'm ahead on the word count, and that makes me very happy as I can already see that this will be waaaaay longer than 50 000 words. -shrug- My goal is to get as much done in November as I can, and then set word goals for 25 000 or more each month after November. I really want to finish this by the new year. It will be the first time I've ever written a novel. xD Yes, I did do NaNo last year, but never finished the novel-though I did get 50 000 words.
Anyway, I suppose I should go back to writing-or doing school work that I've been neglecting...=P

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